About Us
OpenClove is an innovative technology company delivering cloud-based mobile and video communication solutions with telco-grade reliability. Our customers are mobile operators, enterprise social networks, web service providers and application developers, who use OpenClove solutions to offer live social video and mobile value added services to their subscribers.  
OpenClove’s core strength is its ability to innovate across technology boundaries integrating the economic values of cloud computing, the reliability of telco systems and the broadening of service delivery through Social Networks and the Web.  OpenClove’s solutions are based on their inherent understanding of highly scalable systems, the need for telco-grade reliability and resilience and the need to create solutions that allow services to launch with zero-footprint deployment.
OpenClove has services currently deployed through mobile operators and is already serving 80 million subscribers. Services include 3G mobile video services, location services and device management services. These solutions are driven from the OpenClove management team that has a combined 100+ years of experience in developing mobile solutions and creating successful entrepreneurial ventures with successful startups such as IPMobile and Mavenir Systems to industry goliaths like Samsung and Nortel Networks. 
OpenClove believes that mobile and video interaction will become “Pervasive” as devices get smarter and 4G makes networks faster.  Communications and web services will merge to provide a highly social, interactive and productive environment for consumers and business users.  
OpenClove recognizes the unfilled gap in video communication with today’s silo solutions limited to expensive, non-portable or highly inefficient peer-to-peer-to-peer solutions, simply not suited for mobile broadband. The opportunity for video is to become an intrinsic part of any multi-party interaction - content to commerce to social connections.  What is needed is to take video interactions to a whole new level; a solution that delivers multi-layer video to any device, without limitation to the number of end-points that are part of the inter-active communication or the individual processing power of the end device.  Such “Pervasive” video integrated with other forms of interaction, which can be deployed and triggered either from the Web or from the device and a solution which allows deployment either at the mass scale or at a couple of users at a time is the promise that OpenClove strives to realize.  
Cloud Solutions
OpenClove is leading the adoption of cloud computing to redefine the mobile services business model. Our Cloud Solutions - OpenClove Video eXchange (OVX) and OpenClove Mobile eXchange (OMX) - deployed on the public cloud or hybrid cloud architectures, provides open API access for any service provider or application developer to develop and deliver their own set of services.  OpenClove packages its solutions as a Service Platform-as-a-Service for any service provider, a developer portal for application developers and mobile applications for direct to consumer and white-label for enterprise solution providers.
OpenClove Video eXchange (OVX) is a cloud video platform which makes VIDEO PERVASIVE, enabling live video sharing, chat and multi-party collaboration WHERE IT MATTERS – to share my event live on popular social networks, Video chat with work groups on enterprise social networks or discuss stocks with financial analysts directly on my preferred financial web sites – on mobile or web.
OpenClove Mobile eXchange (OMX) is a portfolio of mobile core network elements for on-premise or on-demand hybrid cloud deployments that are transforming the business model in delivery of mobile Value Added Services. GrapeYnTM is a portfolio of white label cloud services and mobile applications for mobile operators to rapidly deliver new voice, video and messaging value added services.