Customer Solutions

Instant engagement with customers, faster response time, higher productivity, reduced delivery costs, enhanced user experience and new monetization opportunities are just some of the values that OpenClove brings to your application. Talk to us about your needs.

Retail & Commerce
Video conversations bring the high touch experience of a physical storefront to online shopping.Real-time group conversations drive higher on-store engagement and promotion to trusted social circles increasing the brand value with loyal customers. Live on-store consultations with friends, peers, store guides or experts enhances the selection process for faster conversion and makes the buying experience much more rewarding and fun for the shopper.
Talent Management
HR professionals can now Screen, Recruit and Engage Talent via live video conversations. Live video and voice interviews helps businesses lower costs, reach out to a wider tech-savvy generation of talent and increase speed of hiring. Self-paced assessments allow candidates to highlight their skills and present their knowledge in a personal way. Employees benefit with real-time interactions for ongoing peer learning and rapid performance reviews to maintain a healthy dialog across the company.
Timely interactions between healthcare providers and patients offervital care information and treatment guidance to maximize patient comfort at a hospital or home. Secureonline video conversations bundled with relevant medical records and health information provides a comprehensive environment for treatment, follow ups or ongoing senior care. Doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical experts, concierge or supplementarycare providers like dieticians and physical therapists can all collaborate online in groups to respond faster,reduce costs and increase delivery efficiencies.
Customer Service & Contact Center
Businesses and service providers can instantly interact face-to-face with their customers online to provide a high-touch experience only possible in brick-and-mortar storefronts. Financial or real-estate Consultants or B2B suppliers can interact with their clients and bring on the experts and relevant content together to deliver answers in real-time. Live video conversations with support agents increases customer loyaltyand converts frustrations into satisfaction. Integration with contact centers, CRM and socialtools enables businesses to deliver multi-channel customer interaction with a personalized experience.
Education & Learning
Video interaction with a tutor alongside content helps students learn anytime from anywhere at their own pace. Experts at work or special interest groups can share ideas instantly with group of peers on the field or at the convenience of home. Group interactions with collaboration tools like white board and document sharing provide a platform where students become mentors and the learningenvironment expands beyond just the school environments.
Multi-player Gaming
Live engagement with messaging, video and voice in Multiplayer Games is an attractive component for higher user retention. Sharing facial expressions in mobile board and card games like chess or pokeradds the real-life fun dynamics to an impersonal experience. Parents interact with their children and are part of their gaming experience to solve new puzzles or learn new strategies. Online player communities of strategy and action games will enjoy from the added interaction with their peers from any device or network.
Branding & Advertising
Real-timesocial engagement is the next frontier of online marketing. Use of digital interactive talk show along with social streams like Twitter, Facebook provides an opportunity to engage with the consumers in real-time. Live conversations between potential customers, user and experts fuels any brand with the open dialog and connect them directly with the community. OpenClove provides the Business Analytics of real-time engagement to understand customer behavior, derive product or service feedback and hot trends. Relevant video or interactive ads can be simulcast as part of the conversations instead of inconveniencing the audience with interstitial advertising.
Business Meetings
Group video conversations makes socially connected people to be involved in highly productive and efficient ways. Visual interaction allows for real-time information flow, actions & discussions to makeEnterprise Social Networks more effective. Any enterprise web based document management systems can be used to share and collaborate while on a video chat with customers, employees, suppliers and partners.