Add Communications to your App in Minutes

Simple steps to select, paste and customize the communications experience for your app. Get Started Now:

Step 1: Get APIKey

Click here to Register and get an API Key.

Step 2: Select your Player

For HTML5/JS, select your desired Engage Conversations Player.  Note: Your web app will automatically support video and voice communications on iOS and Android devices via the free LiveBoard Lite Browser App.

For iOS, get the sample app here.
For Android, get the sample app here.

Step 3: Paste Code in your Own App

Copy the relevant code, and paste it in your own HTML, iOS, or Android Application.

Step 4: Configure the Engage Player Configure the mandatory parameters ovx-apiKey and ovx-session. Refer to the Configuration Guide for other parameters.
Step 5: Go Live !! Launch your App and go Live !!